Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Building Reflections

Reflections, they are every where. We see them every day, usually in the mirror or sometimes we see them in a puddle, a chrome bumper, or a store front window. No matter where we see those reflections they represent a world we can never touch, a place we can never go. Sometimes the reflection is so true to life and other times it has no resemblance of its real counterpart. No matter where you see it or what it is you see reflected, we seem to be drawn into the nether world of reflections.
The following is a series of reflections I photographed in Singapore. The geometry of building and their reflections has always attracted me. When I walk down a city street and am surrounded by giant buildings with reflections of more buildings on them, I am always awed and struck with the enormity of all that is around me.


Andrea said...

I scrolled down and looked at all your building reflections. Great captures. I love reflections.

fishing guy said...

FW: Very nicely photographed and posted. I also love reflections on the water. I got a great one today for SWF.

kjpweb said...

Great reflection Series. Good work!
Cheers, Klaus

Louise said...

I love #'s 1, 2 and 7! Really nice series of photos.