Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sri Lanka Chameleon


For The People said...

Great capture! Looks like your just starting up. Nice start!

The Offended Blogger said...

Oh I love this blog!!! Awesome pictures, thank you for sharing with me. You are going on my tetonsandbeyond blogroll. :D

Abraham Lincoln said...

Wow. Your photography is impressive but your traffic is not so good. I am guessing the problem is related to few in Sri Lanka having the wherewithall to view the Internet and the comments are coming as a result of your visits to others and then they are repaying your visit with one of their own.

It gets very discouraging to post what you think is your best photography and never see anybody comment on it.

I KNOW YOU DID NOT ASK for any advice from anybody and I came here because I saw your comment on another blog.

If it was me I would focus the lens on things that Westerners can relate to.

What does a typical bathroom look like in Sri Lanka look like? Or, a kitchen, or something else.

You are welcome to delete this comment of mine if you wish.

And I will apologize if anything I have said here upsets you.

Your photography is excellent. I think the subject matter is not attracting visitors.

fishing guy said...

FW: What a great capture of the chameleon, nice job.