Monday, August 11, 2008

Ode to the Land, Close-up

This is a sort of follow up to my post, Ode to the Land. These images are close-ups along the same boundary. I took these with a little point and shoot so quality is a little shakey. Sometimes I do not feel like lugging around a tripod and camera gear, but I know I should take a camera so I grab my little point and shoot.
Years ago we planted a pineapple patch. Every year we get about 100-150 pineapples. Needless to say we can get a bit sick of them. This one is still a few months out.

This is looking down on a very young pineapple.
These are a wild bush berry. The color reminds me of blueberries. They are edible but are very small, about the size of a pea.

This is a flower of the hibiscus family. It grows wild everywhere here and comes in this color and yellow.

These are just little tiny wild slower that are found on the forest floor.

I thought this looked a lot like an orchid. Orchids grow wild everywhere here. This one was growing on the ground and is smaller than my funger nail.

This is a cicada exoskeleton. I found four of them stuck to a tree so I pulled this one off and moved it into the light and onto a leaf for better contrast.

This is of course me, or at least a reflection of me.


Robyn said...

WOW! These are amazing photos! I am putting this on my blog roll as well! You are incrediable!

Leora said...

Your pineapple photo is making me hungry. Thanks for the lovely shots of the land up close.

Sara G said...

SWF was fun. I will for sure do it again!! Thanks for hooking me up with that.
We spend a lot of time on our yard and the garden! Once canning season comes to an end we can actually go camping and fishing some!
I took a picture yesterday of a cicada shed on one of our trees. I didn't post it though. I will do that when I get home as the picture it on that computer and not here at work!
You take care. Love your new pictures. It is amazing to watch a pineapple grow. My father in law grows them down in Florida.

Louise said...

These are wonderful pictures! The pineapples are gorgeous. And even if you get sick of them, at first I'll bet they're divine.

I LOVE the hibiscus color. Amazing you have all that stuff just growing there!

fishing guy said...

FW: What a wonderful post, I don't think I would ever get tired of pineapples. The flower photos are super.

I liked the way you posted the photos together this time.

JP said...

Lovely blog! The pineapple plant pictures are amazing -- how beautiful! Why don't more people photograph those? The last pic looks, at first, like you at a tunnel entrance. Cheers, JP.