Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ode to the land

This post is an ode to the 40 acres I have called home for over 9 years. Within two weeks I will be moving into suburbia. Leaving behind a resort that I built as well as friends I have made.

When I moved to this piece of land, over 60km on a dirt road from the nearest town, there was nothing but jungle. In the time I have been here I have managed to temporarily tame a small portion of that jungle and from it I created a life for my partner, our dog and myself.

I learned to fish the tropical waters, and grow food on the land.

I learned the way of the local people.

I learned how to slow down.

I learned the art of silence.

I know what the night sky looks like when there are no other lights.

Birds’ singing their morning song so loud that it wakes you from the deepest sleep.

The night is never quiet out here, it has a life all its own.

I have experience rain so hard you can’t hear yourself talk.

Days so hot I thought I would melt.

I have seen wild parrots and wild pigs.

I have seen sailfish and sea snakes.

I have spent entire days on the beach watching the clouds roll by.

There are days when there are no vehicles that pass by.

There are days I thought would never end and days I wished never ended.

Change is constant and I am constantly changing the

way I see the world around me and the way I see my self.

I have been changed forever in ways I know and ways I don’t know.

I will embrace this new adventure I am about to embark on.

I will change and change again for it is part of life and I am alive.
The preceding photographs are mere snapshots of what has inspired my photography these last years. They represent one half of the boundary of my back yard and are a glimpse for you to see what my world has been and where a lot of my images come from. If you want to see the resort I built and more glimpses of where I have lived in Fiji click here.


fishing guy said...

FW: What a great post and a view of your life in Figi. This was done so well in both words and photos. I almost hate to hear you are leaving this area.
BTW: I have an award for you on my sight.

HFD60 said...

Awsome post...I don't think I could leave that.

Sara G said...

I am not sure I could leave such a beautiful place!! I wish you the best of luck on your next adventure. Look forward to new pictures!!
Take care.

Leora said...

Wow. Wonderful pics, a charming place. Sounds like it has charmed you. I wish you well.

After you have visited Fishing Guy, if you could hope over to:
an award for Photo Bloggers, including Fish Whisperer, would love to give you another award! You just impress us, I guess.

Catherine said...

A great post Fish Whisperer! Photos of your life..great images..beautiful! I am kind of sad that you are leaving not only a beautiful place..but a place you have lived and grown, & come to know & love so well! But as you said, change is constant..I wish you all the best in all of your new adventures you embark on~ It's great that you have a positive attitude about it, I can't imagine how hard it will be leaving such a paradise! I look forward to seeing photos of your new place in life, and of your new adventures!

bryan said...

Wow, that sounds amazing to live in a place like that! I see how you can get inspiration from it. I like the shot of the cattail-like plants in the wind the best, I think.

Good luck in your new suburban home!