Sunday, September 21, 2008

B/W Odds and Ends

The first image was taken in San Francisco, China Town of course.
The second image was a beach in Oregon.
The third and fourth images are of a bridge that no longer exsits here in Fiji, near to my old home. Washed out completely this year during a rain storm. Interesting side not on the bridge, where ever there is a bridge there is aswimming hole below it. On any given sunny day there will be multitudes of kids swimming and playing. This day happened to be a bit cloudy and it was in winter.

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bryan said...

Love the second image - the beach in oregon. Great contrast between the sand and the water.

Louise said...

Beautiful black and whites! That bridge is incredible. I'm glad you captured it before it got washed away. Interesting how every bridge is the location of a swimming hole! Maybe it's just easiest to get to the water there? Do they jump off the bridges? Whatever, the photos are fantastic.

fishing guy said...

FW: You do such nice work in B&W. I never try this, animals are so much better in color in my mind at least.

Leedra said...

Lovely photographs. The bridge reminds me of one I photographed last month, just have not gotten it to the blog yet. Great to have photographs of things that are no more.

The Tile Lady said...

Gorgeous B&W! I can almost hear the music in the first image coming from that wonderful instrument. It's sad that the bridge is gone.

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