Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Selection of Black and Whites

These have been published on another site that I am part of called The World in Black and White. I thought I should show them here also. Hope you enjoy.


Louise said...

Love black and white, and these are exceptional. The texture in Wood Study, the 2nd reflection one with the puddle, the baby coconuts (again, texture), moody waters (movement) and mangrove (sky and point of view) are my favorites. Well, OK, I like them all, but those really grabbed me. Great use of no color!

Ken Conger Photography said...

Your B&Ws are exceptional. Enjoyed looking through and reading the posts. Blue Skies-K

Sara G said...

Great Black & White photos!! All of your photos are great. I love seeing them.
Keep up the awesome job of photography!!
Take care and thanks for commenting on my blog!!

fishing guy said...

FW: My, what a lovely group of photos. You have such a great eye for fittimg subjects from your country. This series is simply amazing and this is from a guy who doesn't normally like the lack of color.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

New here!
I couldn't find your pics on the black n white site, but I loved it and am so happy I found it and yours.

How cool you live in fiji:)